We are a creative animation and artistry company built on a different kind of mindset. We deliver projects that push the barriers that reaches into the future. These new ways of presenting individuals with a new experience and immersive ways to learn.

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Visual Learning Tools

3D Animation – Motion Graphics – VFX – Virtual Reality

We effectively help clients sell their ideas through our creative animation and artistry.
We must always question a visible direction. Will tomorrow’s WORKFORCE need a different approach to learning?.

TELL a Story

Story telling is an essential part of your message. The story can go well beyond what’s written. Your story isn’t just what you tell people, it’s what you show them and the manner in how you creatively present it to them. We help take those ideas and translate them into the final animation.

THINK Different

If you don’t have a creative idea, you are just another commodity. It’s about building a thought process that people care about. It’s about thinking beyond the utility and functionality of copycat products and striving for the creation of a meaningful bond with your audience.

Be Precise

Communicating the essence of your idea or business is part science, part art. It’s a thought process that goes through several stages until completion. The way you design a product changes how we feel about it. We put all of ourselves into our creative work and that helps bring the positive results you desire..

How We Work

Step outside the box and engage. Multiple generations learn and interact differently. We effectively help clients sell their ideas through our creative animation.


3D Animation / Motion Graphics / Visual Effects


Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Hologram Product Animation

Creative DESIGN

Graphic Design / WordPress and Custom Website Development / Mobile Apps


Music Production / Media Partnerships / Promotion / Event & Festival Consulting

Our Team

Who We Are

We are experts with an extensive network that wear many hats. We are quick, nimble and very passionate about what we do. We love to be involved in projects that push our capabilities. This enables us to grow and unleash our creativity.

Virtual Reality
Immersive Simulation

The experience of VR through VR hardware will enhance learning and make training a more efficient process. It will captivate your employees while delivering a much higher retention quality and motivation to learn.

Our Work

We effectively help clients sell their ideas through our creative animation.

We work with many different types of companies to develop new and visual ways for clients to express their products and processes. We do this through 3d animation, motion graphics, special effects, music, sound effects. We also develop new cinematic, immersive and interactive technologies such as virtual reality headsets for desktop and mobile devices and augmented reality.

Our Services

Creative & Artistry

3D Animation / Motion Graphics / Visual Effects / Virtural Reality & Augmented Reality / Custom Apps / Hologram Product Animation / Graphic Design / Website Development/ Music & Events

3D & VFX

How do you want to tell and present your story?

gFORCE Animation Inc., have a creative production pipeline in place and can take your idea from conception to final visual animation. gFORCE Animation Inc., help you realize your story into an animation presentation that has that “WOW” factor.

  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Sound Effects
  • Compositing
  • Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding & Animatics
Virtual Reality (VR)
Simulated Training

VR is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

gFORCE Animation Inc., can and is currently developing VR training applications that will change the way you and your team train and learn. gFORCE Animation Inc., takes you deep into an immersive environment that will take over your senses with the use of the HTC Vive hardware. VR can be used for real simulated training, experiences, educational storytelling and games.

  • Training
  • Experiences
  • Travel
  • Storytelling
  • Games
  • Health Care
  • Space Exploration
  • Museums
Custom LED Panel

Display it on a massive scale.

gFORCE Animation Inc., can help design a large LED panel based wall for your indoor display. You can display your custom animated content and have a large immersive VR simulation display.

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Variety of Resolutions
  • Custom Sizes
  • Display Animation or VR Content
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing
Music &

gFORCE Animation Inc, are consultants to some of the largest festivals in Texas. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the business. We will make your event the success it deserves and your vision will be brought to life. From the artists, production, marketing , media and visuals. gFORCE Animation Inc, is the company for your next event.

  • Media Partnerships
  • Production
  • Consulting
  • Events
  • Festivals & Concerts